Main Street Theater’s Times Boulevard building is the primary venue for our Equity MainStage productions as well as an important location for classes, productions and camps for our Education Department. Re-purposed by the company over thirty years ago from a former laundry and dry cleaners, the facility on Times Blvd. has numerous drawbacks which we were never able to address, since we did not own the building. Now we’ve put the downpayment on the building, and we are ready to renovate.

The major renovation will include the public restrooms, dressing rooms, a mezzanine rehearsal/classroom space, and a new, higher roof over the entire property, enabling us to eliminate the poles in the middle of the stage and allowing new freedom for our set and lighting designers. The renovation will cost $1,300,000, and our goal is to have the funding in hand by the start of demolition and construction in November 2014.

Every dollar counts. And there are special recognition opportunities for gifts over $2,500.

$100,000 Capital Campaign
Match Challenge

Since its launch on February 10, our $100,000 Capital Campaign Match challenge (generously underwritten by Ken Bohan and Dean O'Kelley) has already helped to raise $50,000. We’re half way there: we’ve got 7 weeks left to raise the full $100,000 (the match challenge runs through May 31). Don't miss your chance to have your donation matched, one-to-one!

Dean O'Kelley, Rebecca Greene Udden, and Ken Bohan

Casting the Leads:
Naming Opportunities

Theater Building
$ 1,000,000
$ 500,000
$ 250,000
Classroom/Rehearsal Room
$ 100,000
Concessions Bar CLAIMED!
$ 75,000
Patron Restrooms (2 available) CLAIMED!
$ 75,000
Box Office Kiosk
$ 75,000
Dressing Rooms (2 available)
$ 50,000
Backstage Restrooms (2 available)
$ 25,000
Lobby Stairway
$ 25,000
Stage Manager's Booth
$ 25,000
Seating Sections (1 remaining) TWO SECTIONS CLAIMED!
$ 25,000

Become an Extraordinary Giver

The Extraordinary Givers are donors making early gifts of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000 who will be recognized on a unique wall installation featuring back-lighted glass tiles in the renovated lobby.

On behalf of the students, theater patrons, and the community who will benefit from this project in measureable and immeasurable ways in the years ahead, we deeply appreciate your support of Main Street Theater and this exciting campaign.

The "No Place Like Home" campaign is raising funds to renovate our longtime Rice Village location. MST is also part of the MATCH Midtown arts complex that will eventually replace our Chelsea Market location. For more information on the MATCH, click here.

Joe Kirkendall
Capital Campaign Director

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