Matching Grant from The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts

Contribute now through April 30 to double your impact.

This week, Main Street Theater was graciously awarded a matching grant by The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts. From now through April 30, every donation we receive will be matched, dollar-for-dollar – up to $30,000!

This opportunity came about because of the loss we experienced from Hurricane Harvey. While our locations did not incur any physical damage, the financial ripple from dislocated families, school closures, and cancellations was more than we could ever have imagined: a loss of over $60,000.

We are very grateful to The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts for acknowledging that not all Harvey losses/damages were physical – and for validating the quality of work being done at Main Street Theater.

Will you help us achieve this goal?


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