“Thank you all so much for making this a great field trip. You guys made everything go so smoothly and it was a great show. Our kids are still talking about it! THANKS AGAIN for all you guys do for kiddos!!”

– Briargrove Elementary School


“We absolutely loved the play. This was one of my personal favorites.”

– Angleton Christian School


“Our school is a Title I school and we have many students that society has designated their future. One of those students that society believes will not be a great addition to our future said to me during the show, 'I would like to work the sound and lights when I get older.' He had never been to a theater before and would probably never attend a live performance. I am so thankful for this opportunity for him.”

– Ridge Creek Elementary


“Our students raved about the production Holes. The next week our ELA teachers started their unit on Drama and the students were making connections between what they saw in the play to the elements they were learning. Thank you so much. We have definitely found our new annual field trip. See you next year.”

– Hardin Intermediate School


“We had an amazing field trip to see a performance of Holes by Main Street Theater! The students loved comparing it to the book.”

– Marek Elementary


“Love Main Street Theater for Youth! We have not missed a show in years! Never disappointed!”

– Carmen C.


“This one was so good. My kids couldn't stop talking about it! Thanks, Main Street, for another fabulous family event.”

– Serrina W.


We have really enjoyed our experiences at MST. The cast is so engaging. We feel it is so important to expose children to the performing arts, and those early experiences form a lifelong appreciation. Thank you for making this happen in Houston.

-- Childtime School


“Over the past three years we have attended about ten productions with our granddaughters. While we, and the children, have enjoyed all of the performances, The Wizard of Oz is, by far, our favorite. The music, choreography, story line, acting, costuming, and amazing make up, all contributed to make this a superb theatrical experience. Thank you to all involved for giving the children (and adults) of Houston such high quality entertainment.”


The Wizard of Oz was one of the best shows we've seen! The characters were outstanding. All of them! The music was great and the scenery was so effective! We loved every minute and the grandchildren were spellbound. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication to making the show a huge success!”


“The characters were cast perfectly! I was impressed.”


“It was fantastic! Thank you so much!!”


How I Became a Pirate was outstanding! It was on the top list of great performances at MATCH! We are looking forward to Wizard of Oz. The story of How I Became a Pirate was so simple but the crew made it totally outstanding with all the wonderful songs. We are interested in getting the sound track to the play. We googled the title and got a web connection. The only problem is the songs start and are not complete. The little gkids want more! We really enjoy the new facility and seating arrangement. I've done many field trips when it was in the old facility. This new place is over the top! This was a five star performance and eager for the next performance. MATCH is tops by us!

-- Kaye Dunbar


The theater is beautiful, the show was fantastic, the cast was talented and fun, our tour guide...so great! What a great experience for the girls! AGAIN.....The Main Street Theater did a Splendiferous JOB! Thanks for taking such good care of our Girl Scouts!


After the field trip, we wrote about our experiences. One of my first graders said that "I had trouble breathing". Of course, I was concerned and asked if he was too hot. He said "No - I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!" Perfect example of why we love your shows!


Students laughed throughout the performance and sang bits and pieces of the songs during the ride home. Many smiles!


The kids LOVED the show that brought Junie B. to life for them. One of the children groaned at the end and said, "It's over? There's no more??" He was so sad it was over.


Our kids were truly engaged and excited about reading more of her books when we got back....even the boys.


This was one of the best field trips and one of the easiest. I like that the stories are fast paced and geared towards our first graders.


“It was amazing!! Still thinking about the cast, they were incredible! Everything was perfect, we will definitely be back!”


“I was unfamiliar with Junie B., but mentioned it to my boys & my 9-year-old wanted to see it, so my 12-year-old was bribed with promises of Candylicious to come with. The performance was so amazing; they both really enjoyed it, the 12-year-old as much as anyone else in the theater! So well acted and so well done!! Thank you for providing such fantastic theater. We'll be back!!”

“It was phenomenal . I took a 3rd grader, a 5th grader and my 70 year old father and I am still not sure who enjoyed it more! I love Main Street Theater. It is a treat for the entire family.”


"The theater is beautiful, actors are amazing and the chance to speak to them after the performance is incredible. You do a marvelous job and we look forward to attending your theater next year."


"I was so proud that our kids were able to raise their hands high when asked if they had read the novel. We have been able to discuss and compare the novel to the production, and we have plans to enjoy the movie and include that in our discussion as well. We had some kids cry at the show, which is always sweet, as our teachers were wiping tears away too."


"The staff was very friendly, welcoming, and helpful and the students loved the performance. I had students tell me it was the best field trip they had ever been on. I love how all of the seats are close to stage no matter where you sit and I know this was a temporary venue while the other is being relocated but I went to the other location last year and it was the same feeling."

-- Worsham Elementary

"Very impressed with kindness of staff."

-- San Jacinto Elementary

"We enjoyed the entire process. Thank you for your well organized process!!"

-- Christian School of NW Houston

"All of our students enjoyed the wonderful performance of Flat Stanley. All of the merchandise ordered were filled and waiting for us. The actors were amazing, the staff was very polite and helpful. When we returned from the trip, we continued lessons from the Teacher's guide.We will definitely be back next year!"

-- Thank you,                                
Lupe Avila                                
First Grade                               
Holy Spirit Episcopal school

We and our grandchildren enjoyed the show immensely!! First class performance!

-- Louise and Paul Piazza



"This was absolutely the best thing I did for my community. The actors were amazing! They performed 10 shows in 3 days and all 10 shows were flawless. I can’t wait to see what play is next."

-- The Grand Theater

"The play was AMAZING :) and thank you so so much for the books for the kids :) I am so impressed with the talented people yall have at the theater :) LOVED IT so much. Please let the actors know :)"

-- Anderson-Shiro Elementary

"Thank you again for your help with setting up the performance today! The students had a great time with the performance! Everyone that was with the company was warm and friendly. The children were so surprised when they were given copies of the books, their reactions and smiles were truly priceless. So thank you!"

-- Cummings Elementary

"I also wanted to let you know what a phenomenal job they did. Our students were mesmerized. So was our staff. What a great performance and just in time for Black History Month. We are thrilled to have provided this opportunity for our students. Really they were just phenomenal."

-- Southwood Valley Elementary

"For almost all of our kids this was their first live performance...I stayed during both shows...so during the second show I watched the kids...they were so totally engaged and lit up...laughing and smiling and just so into it...as a teacher...it was one of those moments that makes you tear up...just to see their happiness...I can't thank y'all enough."

-- Anderson-Shiro Elementary

“Your [touring] production of STUART LITTLE was FANTASTIC!!!! What a breath of fresh air!!! Your energy, talent and creative staging were fantastic. My 3 year old class was MESMERIZED (now that really is HIGH PRAISE!) Please let your actors know how much our students and faculty enjoyed it!!! We look forward to having your back on our campus next year!!!”

-- Sincerely,                                  
Cindy Williams                         
Preschool 3's Teacher          
 St. Mark's Episcopal School 

“The performance was wonderful! The students loved it. It was for nearly all of them their introduction to both Shakespeare and live theater. How fortunate they were to have Main Street Theater provide them both experiences. The cast worked their craft to captivate their audience. Students are talking about it still. Just yesterday, a student used a phrase from 'Romeo & Juliet' in an essay. In middle school that's very high praise indeed. Please convey our thanks to the cast for their kindness and professionalism.”

-- Warmly,                          
Dom Zuccone              
 Deady Middle School 

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